The Funding Process

Consumers who intend to raise litigation funding will be represented by their solicitor/lawyer who will be required to complete an application form to LCF and submit this alongside the core evidence, a brief containing no more than 500 words outlining the case which the consumer hopes to advance, and all relevant authorities.

Upon receipt, LCF will acknowledge the requisites and consider the claim being made and decided if they can assist. Should this be the case LCF will acknowledge their interest and request a fee of £250.00 to be paid to elevate the case to full considerations. If the merits of the case are compatible with LCF bespoke funding offers, LCF will consult with the solicitors/lawyers involved and develop a final funding proposal.  That proposal is tendered to a funder who may have an interest in funding that case. Further, the case must be presented in such a way that the funder is well-informed of the prospects of the case and the details within the funding proposal accurately reflect the risk being taken. At this stage the consumer will be provided with the fees involved.

Upon delivery of the offer the consumer will have the opportunity to reject or accept it. When delivering the offer, the case will have been risk assessed. At this stage the consumer may wish to consider funding the case themselves as the prospect of a meritorious outcome may be greater than expected. That said the LCF fee for the work carried out to date will become due and owing regardless of acceptance of rejection of an offer.

Legal Claim Funder Ltd do act ethically and before the submission the consumer will be provided with a bandwidth of achievable rewards. Should the offer fall outside those pre-established bandwidths no fee will be due unless the offer is accepted.

Simple, fair and reasonable terms, ethically engineered and in all circumstances.