The growth of timeshare litigation funding

Litigation funding has expanded rapidly in the United Kingdom, and around some parts of the developed world in the last 10 years. Today, and with welfare cuts, there are a lot of financial sectors which are presenting themselves as being providers of capital to assist companies to action litigation claims and as a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for first-time users to discern the differences between which provider offers the best package.

Many entities promise access to capital to fund disputes and bespoke funders are available on the market who have an understanding of the issues which dominate some litigations. However, Legal Claim Funder Ltd is a focused unique service delivered to consumers.

  • As Legal Claim Funder Ltd is a bespoke provider we tailor our packages to individual timeshare consumers, or those who have been offered leisure credits, or any other ‘creation’ associated with long-term holiday products.
  • Legal Claim Funder Ltd knows what the consumer needs, understand the products and can advise and assist consumers in finding their way through the minefield of litigation and/or non-contentious settlements meetings.
  • Coupled with a wealth of product knowledge Legal Claim Funder Ltd can isolate the particular issue, advise on the approach that consumer needs to consider so that the consumer fully understands and is aware of the risks faced. By way of a conference early in the dispute, your case will be placed on a footing which will best serve a consumer’s needs and expectations.
  • Legal Claim Funder Ltd is linked to many other entities and they are our preferred partners. However, LCF are willing to assist consumers financially, if the solicitors or lawyers are experienced, have a profound understanding of the issues and are capable of advancing your dispute effectively and having regard for proportionality.
  • Legal Claim Funder Ltd has supported over 600 consumer litigations pursuing over £10 million in compensation and to date have been very successful delivering damages to our clients and substantial rewards to those investors who elect to support consumers who need access to justice.

Our advice to all claimants/complainants and their lawyers are ask a funder whether they are intermediaries or whether they have immediate access to funds. LCF has access to established funding, maintain funds in our accounts, have access to and governance over sub-funds.  LCF can also make requests to other funding streams if your cause requires extensive funds and/or our parochial funder find the risks are outside the declared funding criteria.

Legal Claim Funder Ltd can and do offer finance in bespoke cases, similar fact evidence cases requiring investigations and group action litigations involving numbers less than 100.

The continued expansion of litigation funding, we believe, should be encouraged as it provides a means of ensuring companies and consumers access to justice without placing too much strain on their own personal reserves.

The ALF therefore, plays a vital role in ensuring that growth is sustainable, and that the business of litigation finance is conducted within the rules set out by the government.