Selecting a litigation team

Every case is different and a consumer needs to select a lawyer who will serve their particular requirements. Of course, there are some lawyers who are very experienced in timeshare litigations, whilst others specialise in land and property, trusts, conveyancing or other types of legal fields. In all cases, a consumer must deal with a party who they trust and who they have confidence in and is experienced in the law which surround the issues to be advanced.

It simply will not serve a consumer’s purpose to instruct someone who is not fully abreast of the timeshare laws and their retained authorities which give the transactions and delivery of the product. It is important to note that a solicitor, an officer of the supreme court in England and Wales, does not have the same rights to represent a consumer in Spain or any other jurisdictions. In saying this, they can administer a consumer case in the UK and appoint another registered lawyer in, say Spain.

Further, a consumer must take note of the fact that there are also very experienced paralegals who have developed a specialism in certain aspects of the law which is particular to timeshare and timeshare related products. TESS Paralegal Services Ltd being one.  Despite the fact they cannot represent you in court they can assist solicitors in the background and deliver cases in non-consensuses forums. Paralegals must be licenced and this is generally done through the Institute of Paralegals who will monitor performances.  Equally, paralegals should they be registered with the Professional Paralegal Register [PPR] they can be subject to regulations which will ensure that a consumer is delivered the best service and at a lower cost.

In the matter of court actions, this is classed as reserved business and paralegals can represent you, if and only if, the court grants permission for them to do so. Being licenced and regulated may advance a certain amount of confidence to the court when they are deliberating on the matters at hand. That said, solicitors such as Athena Law Solicitors are very well respected in the field of litigations and like TESS do offer bespoke advice and do deal with many timeshare cases on behalf of consumers.

Legal Claim Funder Ltd in funding timeshare cases, will only accept solicitors and licenced paralegals who are fully conversant with all aspect of timeshare and long-term holiday litigation, who agree to reasonable rates, and will act in a prudent manner at all times. This will ensure that neither ourselves nor our funded clients are unnecessarily exposed to elevated costs.