Serious Concerns - Praetorian Legal Ltd and Mercantile Claims Management Ltd

Sunday, February 18, 2018

It comes as no surprise, that having decided to fund legal claims on behalf of Timeshare consumers, we should “wade in” to some of the issues which present themselves to protect the venerable and comply with our civil duty.

Despite many bad reports concerning timeshare, it must be said that all Timeshare are NOT bad. In fact, the large majority of Timeshares, Resorts, Developers and Clubs are delivering good holidays each and-very year and to satisfied members. That said, and in all walks of life, you will find some who abuse good concepts, pervert them and sell dreams, which will never be fulfilled.

As disputes can and do exists in the “world of timeshare”, the legal profession and over time, have educated themselves (in respect to the various products), consulted and deliberated on many of the legal issues, and developed legal departments to assist those who feel they have been harmed by those who elected to mis sell them Timeshares.

As Timeshares are only owned by a small number of people, many law firms do not have significant numbers of cases, therefore are unable to spend significant amounts of time getting to grip with the issues, therefore there are a limited, number of legitimate law firms a consumer can go to.

Because few legal firms exist , many rouges have appeared, all claiming to be the “great and the good” were as (in reality) they are the “sharks and the charlatans”.

In the past, the timeshare industry has seen, identified and eliminated many fake lawyers, and Leisure Credits Companies who preyed on their owners. They have  and still try to identify, exposed and shut them down. The industry and legal professionals have described it as a “germinating virus” which blights Timeshare and wherever the Timesahre products are sold. Great concern therefore exists in the timeshare industry and the legal profession, as the practice of some, blight the image of others.

It’s generally not the duty of a litigation funder to comment or become involved in such matters however, when balancing our civil duty and in this case, we should at least attempt to warn, of the real and apparent damages of becoming involve with Leisure Credit products and the legal services of Praetorian Legal Ltd and Mercantile Claims Management Ltd

Like timeshare and other shrinking markets, when collapsing many are laid off and in need of employment. Some set up and deliver advice and do deliver a good service in signposting consumer to others (they know) give good and sound advice. In some cases, these as refred to as an introducer and many provide a good service and add benefit to the consumers, as they know which law firm best suits the client  they have issues witht. In some cases they charge a  modest fee and ensure the best lawyer for the job, is employed.

Then there are the horrific and perverse, who were associated with scams and when those scams were closed down, they created new breed sof scamming and in some cases under the guise of a law firm, delivering legal advice and selling  horrific and  perverse services.

After the Timeshare market began to shrink some Timeshare sales managers developed a perverse product called “Leisure Credits”( Eze Credits and Monster Credits) . Led by scamming ex-timeshare managers and they knowing the timeshare  product, these two companies went on a scamming mission to mis-sell the new credit product and offered a legal service they were incapable of performing.

Eze Group employed Mr. Gary Wayne Smith who set up Praetorian Legal Ltd (Praetorian) who then set up its sister franchise Mercantile Claims Management Ltd (Mercantile).

Both Praetorian and Mercantile are presently controlled by the same directing minds Mr. Gary Wayne Smith and his wife, Mrs. Karen Hasker-Smith. The direction, operation and function in any company is performed by those who control it (the Directors) and in this case it’s the Smiths. Neither are Solicitors, trained lawyers, Court Officers or experienced litigators. In short Mr. Smith is a cost draftsman and Mrs. Karen Hasker-Smith (his Wife) a sectary and both were involved with EZE Group and its Directors, Mr. Smith directing “sale compliance” and Mrs. Smith Directing Praetorian. Both Pretorian and EZE were controlled by Mr. O’Reilly the CEO of EZE.

Mr. O’Reilly and Eze Group (as stated by others) were arrested, their offices were raided, criminal charges leveled, and guilt was admitted in respect to; mis selling products aggressively and with cohesion. Both are expected to receive a prison sentences shortly.

Noteworthy is both Mr. and Mrs. Smiths were key componants of the Eze operation. In respect to Mr. Smith it was his job to ensure the all the Eze sales made each day, were compliant with the law and consumers were protected. Clearly sales were unlawful, aggression was evident, cohesion existed, contravention of consumer protection regulations evident therefore Mr. Smith either did not do the job he was employed to do (legal compliance) or was incompitant.

Mrs. Smith’s duties were to provide a “Timeshare terminations service, was being paid to do just that, via Pretorian, yet she did not such thing as that company asserted to authorities it was dormant and did nothing.

To get a foot holding in the legal market, Praetorian berated “lawful operators, over the internet (timeshare elimination) and charged onto internet forums, made up fake names like Mr. G Force and Legal Knievel and delivered unfounded allegations, then ran off when challenged, delegating the threads they wrote in.

To assist them they also employed a solicitor, however not a regulated, honorable and trustworthy, solicitor regulated by the SRA. They employed a “struck off” Solicitor, one who stole £10,000’s from protected client money, one who had lied to consumers and defrauded them (Ian Patrick Benbow)

To evade capture, his identity on the internet has been avoided and the Smiths have been merrily been  passing off his work as theirs. If this is not bad enough, the incompetent thief and Praetorian legal came up with-one of the most disgusting products, I think I have ever seen: -

“a fake legal indemnity certificate”.

Have you received one from Praetorian Legal Ltd?

If so, you should be alarmed as you are in need urgent advice and have a great need to address the situation quickly.

There are many who can assist you including the Timeshare industry and authorities as they are becoming very aware of this unkempt product. The simple fact is, neither the struck off solicitor nor the delinquent minds behind Praetorian can construct the needy legal arguments needed to deliver a termination notice on behalf of their clients.They simply demand a termination, do not set out legal arguments deliver a bill; [with the plastic certificate] and demand payment.  

It simply beggar’s belief.

An indemnify certificate

An indemnity certificates infers that you are protected by the cover extended by an insurance policy, which in this case does not exist.

 The natural and ordinary meaning is that the Smiths consider a perceived risk does exist, that they need to give you cover and then dont cover it. Accordingly and blieving the risk is real and apparent they knowingly fake the needy indemnity cover.

No such insurance cover exists, they know it and their clients  are being  exposed to known and substantial risks.