What fees are required and when?

To make an application LCF will require you to make a funding submission. LCF can assist you with this or you can seek the assistance of others. Should you elect LCF to assist you, we will require copies of the core documents and the completion of a brief questionnaire.

On submission of these requirements LCF will made a determination if you qualify for a “no win no fee” funding proposal submission. Should you qualify we will require more in-depth information in order to collate all the relevant documentation to make a funding submission on your behalf.

This work will be conducted on a no win no fee agreement which ensures that should your application be refused we will not charge you for the submission, however, should funding be offered then our pre-arranged fees will be due. Fees can only be calculated dependent upon the nature of the claim, the forum which it will be delivered in, and the complexity of the issues being advanced. However, it is fair to say the fees will be reasonable and below what others will charge for timeshare related matters.

We are experts in the field and have dealt with over 1,000 submissions and at the date of authoring this article LCF is proud to confirm that in 88% of cases funding has been granted and secured by us and conformed to the pre-set funding guidelines.