Who are Legal Claim Funder Ltd?

Legal Claim Funder Ltd... 

  • specialise in assisting timeshare and long-term holiday product consumers, including those who have been affected by the mis-selling of Monster and EZE credit products.  We provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the client.
  • offer financial assistance to those who have been subject to mis-selling by marketing companies claiming to be lawyers in the matters related to timeshare products.
  • arrange non-reciprocal funding proposals for consumers on a NO WIN NO FEE based fee structure.
  • is managed on a day to day basis by Dianne Trippier who reports to the Directors and Governors of The Long Term Holiday Product Association Ltd which is a company under guarantee “not for profit” which was incorporated by David Cox in May 2014.

This company operates to provide ethically based assistance to all timeshare consumers who are experiencing problems with timeshare and the related companies. In saying this neither LCF nor The Long Term Holiday Product Association Ltd suggest that timeshare as a concept is not a good product, it is simply that in certain instances it is abused to such an extent that the resorts are enriched, whilst the consumers become impoverished, thus both companies believe a need exists to help those consumers who find themselves in these circumstances.

Who do we work with?

  • Athena Law Solicitors Manchester, London and Hong Kong
  • TESS Paralegal Services Ltd t/a TESS [Timeshare Exit and Support Services]
  • Javier Correa Guimerá, Abogada, Canary Islands, Spain
  • JLCA & AS Lawyers, Spain
  • Litigation Management Ltd
  • Mr Robert Alexander, CLC Members
  • Los Claveles Club